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Create your own music with "Rock Music Studio".
It includes real instruments and it's possible to use your own library of sounds!

Start "Rock Music Studio" and create a new project (Button '+' on the Action Bar).
Add some instruments.
A row in the grid represents a single sound. Touch the grid in order to play a sound at a certain time.
Select all the sounds at the time that you want to make it sound like you want...
...and press the Play button!

This are the actions that you can take from the Action Bar:
-Playpausestop your song
-Add Page: if you wan't to add some more time to your song
-Buttons '<' and '>': to switch between pages
-Save the project
-Add Instrument: drums, bass guitar, guitar, piano
-Settings: here you can change the name and the tempo BPM of your project.
-Spinner list (left of the Action Bar): to select witch instrument of your song do you wan't to seeedit

Available instruments:
-Electric Guitar
-Acoustic Guitar
-Bass Guitar

**EXTRA!! Now you can also use your own sounds (Beta)

There is a forder named MusicStudio on your device (created during installation)
Create a folder with a set of sounds (mp3 format)
Put this folder on the "MusicStudio" folder.



1.- The optimum duration of your sounds is less than 6 seconds. The maximum duration is 10
2.- The supported format is mp3

Have fun!!

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